I’m having to rework some of the earlier sections of my new novel EggHead, a crime thriller featuring central character Wayne at the ages of twelve and nineteen.  The story focuses on a bullying campaign and the dramatic measures Wayne resorted to as a twelve-year-old, plus the consequences of his actions.   The present day character is struggling to rebuild his life in a bleak village off the north-east coast, cut off from his former life. 

Not surprisingly, much of the story comes across as intense and moody, so I’m having to bring in a new character to add depth to Wayne’s personality – a kind of platonic girlfriend whom Wayne feels protective of.   I think this will balance out the novel a bit more and allow more of Wayne’s character to show.

Meanwhile, my debut novel – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey – is available of Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


3 thoughts on “The New Novel: Variation And Lightness Of Tone

  1. I am going ot have to start paying more attention to your running commentary on your Work in Progress. I remember I started following you while you were working on “Secrets” and somehow now they make more sense as I’m (still) reading it. (Limited time on my part; nothing bad on yours.) It just brings to mind that often we are not as aware of our process other than we are going through one. Whatever it takes to churn out your effort, keep at it. It seems to be working.

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