I’m approaching the two sets of ending scenes in my latest novel, EggHead.  EggHead, a crime thriller, features central character Wayne at the ages of twelve and nineteen.  In this section, the twelve-year-old boy has decided to run away from home to escape a bullying vendetta.

I glance at the time on my mobile.  Enough time to get a hot drink and a couple of heated sausage rolls from the overnight garage.  The only thing I’m slightly concerned about is my phone, as I haven’t charged it since Tuesday and the battery’s getting low, but anyway they won’t expect me to have it on at this time of the day, so I turn it off and head over to the garage.

The sausage rolls smell fantastic.  I munch one as I stride towards the playing fields and take a left in the direction of the tobacco factory.  I can see the high rise blocks of flats and Baxendale Court where Zipper lives.  He’ll get upset when he hears I’ve gone. Definitely.  He relies on me to help him with his school work and we’ve always had loads of fun.  I decide that as soon as I’m settled, I’ll get in touch with him and apologise for leaving so suddenly.


Meanwhile, my debut novel (Secrets by Lawrence Estrey) is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


2 thoughts on “The New Novel

  1. Like this writing, you could almost taste those sausage rolls, the style keeps one wondering. Not quite sure where this twelve year old will be able to charge his phone, buts thats another story.

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