I took several shots on the way to work yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t carry my “proper” camera around with me in the middle of the day, but the camera on my smartphone enables some degree of control in regards to white balance, ISO and metering. 

Darlands Lake, Totteridge , North London:



3 thoughts on “Sun And Cold

  1. I like the structuring of the pictures, but the colours were fairly drab because it appears on that day that there was not any sunlight to give a contrast. I think in about a months time you will see green shoots appearing and the pictures may look warmer.

  2. Thanks.

    I used a Samsung smartphone because it has a 5 mexapixel camera, along with a number of controls. Generally, the better the phone make, the better the quality of camera picture. Some phone cameras are in fact better that digital compacts, I think.

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