The novel seems to be selling in the US, Germany and UK, where it is based.    Secrets, a psychological thriller set in the present in the north of England, examines memory and questions the accuracy of recalled events following psychological trauma.  In the novel, central character Alan becomes increasingly unsettled when confronted with the possibility that his clearest memories may not be as accurate as he’s always assumed.   Secrets also contains a danger element with links to serious crime, along with issues of police corruption during the eighties in the north of England, around the same time as Arthur Scargill and the famous miner strikes. 



3 thoughts on “Brief Update On My Novel – Secrets Lawrence Estrey

  1. Thanks, Jennifer. Hope all is going well with your writing.

    “Well through the book, quite fascinating if I can remember who is who. Dying to know the outcome.” That’s brilliant. Hope the denouement doesn’t disappoint. Thanks for the feedback.

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