Leaping Ahead In The New Novel, Another Psychological Thriller…

Exactly a week ago I started a new draft of a new novel , a psychological thriller, in which a group of students move into a house where a tragedy occurred ten years earlier. In the story, the past comes to have an effect on the present, leading to mounting danger and confusion for central character Gavin and his friends. 

In the initial planning, I tried a demo free novel writing software program, but I found, as I have many times before, that these programs don’t get rid of writer’s block or help with plot progression (the question of what comes next), as the programs can’t actually write the novel.   The programs are fine for planning the story and organising scenes/chapters, but only the author can write the story.  Once I decided exactly what I wanted to convey, the story came naturally to me.

A sample:

That night, I woke with a jolt, my heart hammering in my chest. I’d been dreaming about Aidan again and something scary had happened on the landing, but I couldn’t remember what. Silence pressed in, tangible and sticky and laden with anticipation. I heard creaking on the stairs, then nothing.

            I must have fallen asleep again, for suddenly I was awake once more, my heart pounding like before. I sat up on the mattress. Dawn, Philippa and Veronica were knocking on my bedroom door, calling my name, their voices full of urgency.

Meanwhile my debut novel, Secrets by Lawrence Estrey, is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


My First Review on Amazon

Just got my first review of my novel Secrets on Amazon. Pretty pleased with it.

I have limited internet access over the next few days due to the holidays, but I wanted to wish readers a happy Hanukkah or a merry Christmas, depending on what one you observe.

A New Novel?

“Extremely scary,”…”very exciting,”…”spooky.” 

Secrets –  Lawrence Estrey


My first novel Secrets appears to have sold in three countries and the local library has agreed to stock it, so I’m now working on a new novel and hoping it will go to plan.  Again, I have chosen to write a psychological thriller.  This time, I want to concentrate more on the psychology and suspense and less on the crime elements. 

Here are some of the things I learned during the writing process for Secrets:

  • Avoid changing viewpoint unless absolutely crucial to the story,
  • Delay surprises until absolutely crucial to the story,
  • In a crime thriller or psychological thriller, always introduce calming sections and contrasts. These allow for more scary/exciting scenes later on. 

Sounds pretty basic, yet I ignored my own advice many times during the writing of Secrets and previous works.

Brief Update On My Novel – Secrets Lawrence Estrey

The novel seems to be selling in the US, Germany and UK, where it is based.    Secrets, a psychological thriller set in the present in the north of England, examines memory and questions the accuracy of recalled events following psychological trauma.  In the novel, central character Alan becomes increasingly unsettled when confronted with the possibility that his clearest memories may not be as accurate as he’s always assumed.   Secrets also contains a danger element with links to serious crime, along with issues of police corruption during the eighties in the north of England, around the same time as Arthur Scargill and the famous miner strikes. 


Cold Autumn Collage

I took some photos on Tuesday to take my mind of the novel and made the best into a collage using Google’s Picasa. The following is of Highgate Wood, North London, in the miserable damp.