The novel is going well and people are ordering it in various countries. Secrets is a psychological thriller set in the north of England. Here is a brief summary:

Alan is a web designer, living in London and married to Lana. But when Lana leaves, abandoning their young son, Alan returns to his native Lancashire with the boy. On his first evening back, he receives a piece of news, a reminder from his own disturbed past.



8 thoughts on “The Secrets Update

  1. I hope that I can say I will be the first person in the state of Kansas to one it. (First in the U.S. would have been nice but I’ll take whatever bragging rights I can get.)

  2. Will start reading the book soon and glad to hear that it is moving all over the place, in Germany also.

    Have spread the word and some are reading it on e books so hope that you have lots of feedback enough to encourage the next book

    Well done and lots of luck.

  3. I got it. Nice cover. Spooky and mood provoking. I’m currently reading a book published by one of my friends in the KWA (Kansas Writer’s Association) and then your plane will taxi up to the runway. Looking forward o it.

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