I’ve just ordered two more copies of my novel Secrets, a psychological thriller, after handing one into the local library to read and selling another to a friend.  An autographed version with my name written in ink.  Made me feel strange and awkward.  I can’t wait for the novel to become widely available – which could happen at any moment in the next two weeks.


3 thoughts on “Waiting For The Launch….

  1. It felt weird when I sold a few copies of my first book, “Kansas Two-Step”, at my last job. I assured everyone I was signing something different in everyone’s book.
    But there is a great sense of accomplishment so be proud.
    And please let me know where and how I can get a copy.

    Continued success.

  2. Following your progress with interest and also want a signed copy. You can let tikiman know that on the cover of the current edition of weekly magazine ‘The Radio Times,’ its a page to say Kindle is available at £89 English pounds, what that is in $s I dont know, suspect about 110$.

    I dont think that I would feel strange and awkward, maybe a bit humble but certainly quite proud of my achievement, WELL DONE.

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