The Secrets Update

The novel is going well and people are ordering it in various countries. Secrets is a psychological thriller set in the north of England. Here is a brief summary:

Alan is a web designer, living in London and married to Lana. But when Lana leaves, abandoning their young son, Alan returns to his native Lancashire with the boy. On his first evening back, he receives a piece of news, a reminder from his own disturbed past.



My Novel On Amazon – Secrets Lawrence Estrey

My novel is now available on Amazon.  Secrets, a psychological thriller set in the north of England, focuses on a man haunted by his past and a family/small group of friends trying to support each other during difficult times.   Readers in America can order the book here.

Waiting For The Launch….

I’ve just ordered two more copies of my novel Secrets, a psychological thriller, after handing one into the local library to read and selling another to a friend.  An autographed version with my name written in ink.  Made me feel strange and awkward.  I can’t wait for the novel to become widely available – which could happen at any moment in the next two weeks.