The proof copy came the other day and I’ve approved it, so the novel should be available in paperback worldwide some time in November. Secrets, a psychological thriller, addresses a number of themes, including police corruption in the north of England during the Eighties, along with present day organised crime. It also takes a look at Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


7 thoughts on “Received Proof Copy Of My Novel – Secrets Lawrence Estrey

  1. Great news. THAT’S what I’ve been waiting for. I’m only disappointed that I won’t get a chance to visit you for an autographed copy.

    Keep at it and don’t worry about the writer’s block; you’ve gone through that before and come out cleanly the other side.

    Anything going on with your music?

  2. Hi Tikiman, and thanks. Hoping to do more with the music once I’ve got the book out of the way. I have a great recital programme on the go that includes Beethoven’s Pathetique, and I hope to get some more recording do online.

    Hope your writing’s going well.


  3. A few people have asked where they can get your book, personal friends so please let me know where to buy it when its available in the bookshops.

    Well done, pleased to hear the music has disappeared whilst you have been so occupied.

    See you soon. H

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