Finally, I’ve self-published Secrets, a psychological thriller, and am waiting for the first paperback copy to arrive at my flat, Print On Demand.

In Secrets, central character Alan, a succesful web designer, is forced to confront his past after his wife leaves him.  But the answers he searches for aren’t necessarily the ones he wants to hear, and each step of the search brings Alan closer to danger.

In the meantime, Secrets is available as an ebook for Kindle.


9 thoughts on “Secrets by Lawrence Estrey, A Novel

  1. Absolutely 100% congratulations. I’ve followed your trials and tribulations and am happy that this is out. Now, for those of us without an e-reader, where can it be purchased as P.O.D.?

  2. Hi, and many thanks. I’m still working on POD and may have to upload separately. The whole Smashwords thing didn’t work and created lots of problems with the formatting. I believe, though, that Amazon allows Windows and Mac users to download free apps that enable a person to read e-books from a computer without any need for buying an e-reader. The details are on the following page:

    Thanks again for your continuing interest in my work, and all the best with yours.


    update 26/10/11: sorry, I think I got confused over your question. The Print On Demand paperback version (proof) came to my flat yesterday, and I am now working on distribution options, so the book should be widely available in Britain, the US and elsewhere by the end of Novemeber.

    Thanks again for your interest.

  3. I wish you lots and lots of success and like your previous reader am not sure how to purchase this but have noted that Kindle has it and will pass that on to all who are interested.

    Well done, now plod on with the next one.

    Much luck


  4. It’ll pass, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s almost expected, you’re mind is busy with other stuff, and putting your work out there can be very overwhelming and blocking – I’ve experienced it myself. Good luck

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