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The proof copy came the other day and I’ve approved it, so the novel should be available in paperback worldwide some time in November. Secrets, a psychological thriller, addresses a number of themes, including police corruption in the north of England during the Eighties, along with present day organised crime. It also takes a look at Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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Finally, I’ve self-published Secrets, a psychological thriller, and am waiting for the first paperback copy to arrive at my flat, Print On Demand.

In Secrets, central character Alan, a succesful web designer, is forced to confront his past after his wife leaves him.  But the answers he searches for aren’t necessarily the ones he wants to hear, and each step of the search brings Alan closer to danger.

In the meantime, Secrets is available as an ebook for Kindle.

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Autumn Chill

The temperature has dropped in a big way.  On Sunday, I took these shots in nearby Queen’s Wood, Highgate, North London:

Autumn-Morning,-Queen's Wood '11Autumn-Morning,-Queen's Wood '11Autumn-Morning,-Queen's Wood '11

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Another Bout of RSI

After several months of relief from RSI,  the problem has return.  Sore shoulders, and so on.  I plan to start the physiotherapy exercises again, but I have found that piano playing really helps with relaxation and posture.

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My computer is almost down.  The monitor keeps clouding over, and I can’t determine whether hardware or software is causing the problem, as the software itself has created plenty of issues over the past eighteen months.  The other night, I couldn’t get past the BIOS stages, so I’ve reloaded Windows XP and am frantically backing up the most important files to cloud storage, since I lost the files when I reloaded Windows.

Pretty stressful.

Also having problems with the Internet and have lost my favourite photo editing software, Google’s Picasa.  A friend’s given me Photoshop Elements.


Some more photo collages from shortly before the computer crashed.  I took these in Alexandra Palace and Park, North London, and editing them using Picasa.

Alexandra Park, North London Alexandra Park, North London

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I took the above shots in Totteridge, North London, and used google’s picasa to create photo collages.
I captured the following sets of photos earlier in the week:

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