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A couple more from the photo collages I’ve been working on.

Regents Park, LondonTen Top Sites in London and Herts

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Hi, here is some more from Silent Friends, a psychological thriller I’m currently working on, dealing with a group of music students living in a country house and a tragedy that followed.  At this point in the story, central character Gavin, a cellist, has just met one of the house people  from twenty years ago and is struggling to cope.

Narrator = Gavin, Wife = Trudie, Daughter  = Tamara, Figure from past = Philippa.

It’s late, past midnight. I haven’t told Trudie about Philippa yet. Trudie’s in bed half asleep, face turned away from mine. I get the impression she’s troubled about something, something unrelated to Tamara’s behaviour this afternoon. In past months, she’s hinted at a growing dissatisfaction with life, but she rarely talks about it.

Outside, waves splash against the cliff rocks. I hear the waves from our bedroom. They push into my thoughts and invade my dreams, growing in volume. I dream that huge crushing waves reach up to the top of the cliff, to the cottage, and wash Tamara and Trudie away.

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Stil busy with manuscript preparations for my novel, but here are  some more of the photo collages I’ve been working on.   At some point soon, I hope to put a photoshoot album together and publish the thing online.  I’ve been using the free photo editing software, Google’s Picasa.  It’s excellent.

Sun Set on a Summer EveningNorth and MidlandsParkland Walk, North LondonTotteridge Village and LakeScenic North LondonQueens Wood, North London

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Busy with manuscript preparations on my novel, so I haven’t had much time to post recently. But here are a few of the collages I’ve been working on.  I hope to put a photoshoot album together and publish it online.  I’ve been using the excellent free photo editing software, Google’s Picasa.

A Spring EveningSnow in a north London Village

London Heights


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This cat wandered in to a cafe yesterday and climbed up to the window ledge, where s/he attempted to eat plant leaves.  I took some shots on my camera and edited them using Picasa, then made a collage of the best photos.

Cat wanders in to a north London cafe

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Some shots I took on the camera on Sunday following the nearby north London riots.


Lee ValleyLee ValleyLee Valley

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