Novel In Progress: Another Writing Sample

Hi, here is some more from Silent Friends, a psychological thriller I’m currently working on, dealing with a group of music students living in a country house and a tragedy that followed.  At this point in the story, central character Gavin, a cellist, has just met one of the house people  from twenty years ago and is struggling to cope.

Narrator = Gavin, Wife = Trudie, Daughter  = Tamara, Figure from past = Philippa.

It’s late, past midnight. I haven’t told Trudie about Philippa yet. Trudie’s in bed half asleep, face turned away from mine. I get the impression she’s troubled about something, something unrelated to Tamara’s behaviour this afternoon. In past months, she’s hinted at a growing dissatisfaction with life, but she rarely talks about it.

Outside, waves splash against the cliff rocks. I hear the waves from our bedroom. They push into my thoughts and invade my dreams, growing in volume. I dream that huge crushing waves reach up to the top of the cliff, to the cottage, and wash Tamara and Trudie away.

Still Busy…

Stil busy with manuscript preparations for my novel, but here are  some more of the photo collages I’ve been working on.   At some point soon, I hope to put a photoshoot album together and publish the thing online.  I’ve been using the free photo editing software, Google’s Picasa.  It’s excellent.

Sun Set on a Summer EveningNorth and MidlandsParkland Walk, North LondonTotteridge Village and LakeScenic North LondonQueens Wood, North London


Busy with manuscript preparations on my novel, so I haven’t had much time to post recently. But here are a few of the collages I’ve been working on.  I hope to put a photoshoot album together and publish it online.  I’ve been using the excellent free photo editing software, Google’s Picasa.

A Spring EveningSnow in a north London Village

London Heights