I’m working on a new psychological thriller, Silent Friends, about a group of music students.  Here, central character Gavin (cello) reflects on what has been.

Keiran rings off and I stand by the seawall, watching the water join the horizon and the evening turn to night. Another day drawing to a close. I think of the old saying, red at night, shepherd’s delight. Red in the morning, shepherd’s warning. The temperature drops. The beach is empty, the moonlight still on the sand. Strains of the Requiem I attempted to compose for the others blend with Aidan’s accusatory whispers. His face imprinted on my mind. His skin is pale and his eyes full of torment and fear. He is young and doesn’t want to die, even though he and Philippa are obsessed with death.


2 thoughts on “The Novel, Psychological Intensity

  1. Hi, I was interested in that excerpt. I followed you to your website from a comment you made on someone else’s about negative feedback from your family about your work. I don’t want to stir up family feuds but family members are not objective readers. Their interpretation of what you write is based on other factors and not just your writing. Everyone has different tastes, too. Not everyone will love your work, but – if you do – that’s a really good start.

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