Mega busy on a novel and haven’t had much time to post.  I’m wrapping up the final strands in the story, bringing the drama to a close.   I’m far more confident about this novel, a psychological thriller.

A sample:

I wake up not in the hospital, but in a shelter somewhere deep in abandoned wasteland, groggy and disorientated with a strange taste in my mouth, body sore from the fall downstairs. I’m lying on the floor in recovery position, wondering how I got there. Outside, the weather continues to rage, the winds howling and rattling the roof; inside, three men with torches sit around a candlelit table, playing cards and singing The Grand Old Duke Of York. They bang on the table and stamp their feet and roar with laughter.



3 thoughts on “Busy With The Novel…

  1. Of the expression “groggy and disoriented and with a strange taste in my mouth”: It seems too inexact. I want to be able to feel the disorientation and have a more defining sense of the taste in the mouth. (i.e. What makes it strange?)

    The description of the three men is bizarre and ideal on its face. As a matter of fact, that description alone is more disorienting than the previous phrase.

    Still, quite disturbing overall. Keep at it.

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