Some more photos captured on my phone. 

Start of Spring 2011, TotteridgeStart of Spring 2011, Totteridge

Totteridge, North London


6 thoughts on “Spring Is Here

  1. Hi – I just read your post on Haley Whitehall’s blog so thought I’d pop over and say hello 😀

    As a fellow Brit, I also thought I’d subscribe so I can take a look at your future posts.


  2. Wow! I just had a look at a map and hadn’t realised that Totteridge still had so much green space! This could be the middle of the country rather than part of (or on the edges of) London! I’ve been through Totteridge and a friend lives there, but I don’t think I’ve ever really spent much time there. And now I live in rural Wales! (I subscribed to your blog, by the way. Did I say that before?)

  3. Hi Val, great to meet you and just about to take a look at your website. Thanks for your comments. I know Wales too, but have lived in London for quite a few years and really love Totteridge.

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