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Haley Whitehall has asked me to write an article for her blog, so here goes. Haley is a writer, with interests in literature and history.

I’ve chosen to talk about tackling the doubts in novel writing, and the article might help others with a related subject that I’ve struggled with recently, writer’s block.


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Some more photos captured on my phone. 

Start of Spring 2011, TotteridgeStart of Spring 2011, Totteridge

Totteridge, North London

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Haven’t posted for about a week.  I’m busy ploughing through the second novel, a psychological thriller set in the north of England, and am making progress after several months of writer’s block.

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That time of the year again. 

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day.  It’s also my birthday and I feel honoured to have been born on such a special day. 

I’ll be working tomorrow, but look forward to a celebration in the pub in the evening.

Meanwhile, the writing’s going well and I think the writer’s block has shifted for now.

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Some more from yesterday’s recording session.  I’m playing  piano, Dave Toone is on violin.


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Managed to do a little more recording today, though extremely stressful due to recording equp’t. The following is my favourite nocturne played by myself on piano.  

To listen, click here.

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Wovenstrands invited me to write an article for her blog and I decided to do one on a problem that’s troubled me quite a bit recently – writer’s block.

To read the article, click here.

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