Novel Writing: Paying Attention To Doubts

Haley Whitehall has asked me to write an article for her blog, so here goes. Haley is a writer, with interests in literature and history.

I’ve chosen to talk about tackling the doubts in novel writing, and the article might help others with a related subject that I’ve struggled with recently, writer’s block.



Spring Is Here

Some more photos captured on my phone. 

Start of Spring 2011, TotteridgeStart of Spring 2011, Totteridge

Totteridge, North London

St Patrick’s Day Is Also My Birthday

That time of the year again. 

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day.  It’s also my birthday and I feel honoured to have been born on such a special day. 

I’ll be working tomorrow, but look forward to a celebration in the pub in the evening.

Meanwhile, the writing’s going well and I think the writer’s block has shifted for now.