Having huge struggles with the second novel, a psychological thriller.


8 thoughts on “Serious Writer’s Block

  1. Writer’s block is such a draaaaaag. Don’t worry: a bump in the road. Usually the writer’s block – the interminable wait for inspiration – the c’mon let’s move on, is always followed by a really good idea and the story is movin’ again.

    Hope it doesn’t last too long.

  2. I have been stuck with everything this past six weeks, as of early this morning some of the fog is lifting.
    Have a great weekend! I hope you can fully banish the writers block

  3. Thanks, Gerardine. Hope your writing goes well, now that some of the fog is lifting. I’m finally managing to get focus back into the troublesome section of the novel.

  4. From N.M. Kelby’s “The Constant Art of Being a Writer”:

    Don’t buy into the idea of writer’s block; it’s just a term that speaks to fear…Certain words may define us, or destroy us, but we’re the ones who give words their power…Write your heart out, because it’s your heart that guides you…Don’t let anything scare you away from the page…Writer’s block usually manifests out of anxiety. This is simple to say, but when you’re a writer, anxiety is a way of life. So don’t be hard on yourself…Writing is a solace, if you let it be. Pulitzer-Prize winning author Michael Cunningham once said “I think writing is, by definition, an optimistic art.”

    Sorry I’m late with my response. Hold onto it should it ever return.

  5. Your writer’s block might also be associated with the time of the year, doom and gloom, dark mornings and dark afternoons. It does not give one much incentive to put pen to paper, so to speak. Also the after seasonal up and now the Jan. down, not a lot to inspire for the present. BUT it does not get dark until about 5.ish now and the sun has appeared a few times, must be an improvement, will lighten the spirit and the mind.

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