Still working on my second novel, a psychological thriller.

I stop off for coffee and a read of the papers, then head over to see Mel who works as a library assistant in the town of Stockton, about fifteen miles from historic Burrington. Stockton, by contrast, bears a strong resemblance to some of the New Towns I’ve seen in the past: a ring road flanked by soulless office blocks and factories, a sixties-built shopping precinct in the town centre, high rise flats with groups of hoodies on skateboards somersaulting through the air. As soon as I arrive in the town, I pick up on the unsettling atmosphere and lingering racial tensions between Whites and Asians. I dislike Stockton at once. All around, I see despair and boredom and poverty.


4 thoughts on “Bringing Scenes to Life

  1. Thanks! I’m working on lots of simple immediacy scenes to invite readers in and less scare scenes, although there’s a few tense moments in the story. Hopefully, a few really chilling ones.

  2. Thanks a lot, Jennifer. I’m working on bringing these types of simple scenes to life throughout the novel.

    Hope your writing’s going well. Best wishes, Lawrence

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