I’m reworking a psychological thriller and trying to include as many calm moments as possible in the story.  Too much tension, and the reader might lose interest. Too little, and the reader might get bored.  The general reader wants to identify with a character, and the writer needs to invite the readers into that character’s life.  Difficult, but a rewarding process.

The following is a short sample based around the central character’s sister and son.

In the morning, I go off to a country park with Mel and Robert The acorn trail with yellow fields on either side. We take photographs of deer and stop for a picnic lunch near a wooden hut. Purchase mugs and mint cake from a gift shop. Pencils and stencils and art paper for Mel. I buy a pair of cheap sunglasses for the fun of it and get Robert to take a photograph of me prancing about in the shades. It’s another crisp October day, sunny but nippy with the smells of pines and honey and cider apples.


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