Trying to convincingly build up to chilling moments in my novel, a psychological thriller set in Lancashire:                                                

I don’t recall falling asleep, only the distant sounds merging with my dreams: rain and muffled footsteps and soft voices in the flat, water pipe clanking in the wind. Rugged landscapes and the abandoned factories near Sheila Oscott’s home in Ticton, with the television mast in the distance. I drift and come to. Drift again, dream. And I wake suddenly at around three thirty in the morning with a sickly taste in my mouth and a hammering heart. From my days of training and running and rugby playing, I know my pulse rate is approaching the one hundred and fifty mark – a seriously high beats-per-minute within an athlete’s target range.  I sit up in bed, sweating and shaking, my heart continuing to race at this alarmingly high speed


2 thoughts on “Building Up Chill: Second Novel

  1. Everything great except for “hammering heart”. doesn’t add to the “chill” factor. I get what you mean but I would try for something not as direct that would add to the mood.
    But, dang, I DO wonder what’s going to happen next.

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