In an earlier post, I outlined some of the methods I use for backing up.  Since then, I’ve stumbled upon a new problem – Word documents not always working with

I’ve added a couple of extras to my backing up routine:

  • Copy and pasting the material, sending it as an email                        
  • Converting the document into PDF and sending as an email attachment 

I’ve also signed up for free online storage at  IDrive.  IDrive  functions like an external drive on the computer and enables users to back up entire folders


2 thoughts on “Taking Online Storage and Back Ups To A New Level

  1. After a recent issue where I thought I’d lost some files (they were not, however the trauma was enough for me), I purchased a 500 gb external hard drive from WD. It requires manually backing up but I’ve gotten used to the concept.
    What are your thoughts on external drives?

  2. I think they’re good, but I tend to prefer some form of storage away from the premises. Hope you find the external hard drive useful. Regards, Lawrenceez

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