Secrets, a psychological thriller set in Lancashire, UK.

The following takes place during the build up to the first major dramatic peak, about a week before the central character has to confront a person from his past.  After spending sixteen years in London, central character Alan is finding it hard to adjust to life in the north of England.

Ticton. Second time back. The familiar sites. Disused mill, shut down two-storey factory with large chimney set back from the road, parade of shops, rows of damp-looking terraced houses, waterworks further on, sky grey and dull. I catch a glimpse of Sheila Oscott by an upstairs window in her yellow cardigan, looking weary as she stares down on the empty cobbled street. Would I really want to return permanently to a place like this after enjoying more than sixteen years in London? 

A blast of damp air hits me in the face when I get out of the car and I nearly step into a puddle. The place is like a desert, barren and bare.



2 thoughts on “From My Second Novel: More Bleak Scene Setting

  1. Wonderful description of a dying town! This sentence, “I nearly stepped into a puddle” pulled my attention back to your character, which made me want to keep reading.

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