A very busy couple of weeks. I’m polishing the remaining third of my second novel, a psychological thriller, and am waiting to hear back from an editor on the first, same genre.

Meanwhile, I gave a piano recital a couple of weeks ago with works by Chopin, Mozart and Liszt. Received more than £200.  Not bad going, but doesn’t compare with the hundreds/thousands some artists get. I’m currently working towards another recital and learning three of the Chopin nocturnes.

Not much time for photography.


5 thoughts on “Hectic Times

  1. “Not much time for photography”? Sounds like you haven’t had enough time for a decent meal or any sleep. But, hey, keep up the good efforts. They WILL pay off.

  2. Thanks, tikiman! I have actually stayed up extra late a couple of times to continue writing, but otherwise I’ve been fine and relaxed.

    Best wishes,


  3. Hello Lawrence – came here via your link the forum we are both posting on.
    We enjoy much of the works of Chopin … my oldest son used to play a lot of his things but it really became a stumblingblock for him, so he chose to put it away. I miss hearing him play Chopin, but am much more thankful to have a son walking with the Lord. I seem to have no problem (it’s not a stumblingblock for me) but of course I am not that good at playing and do not have time anyway. I do appreciate sitting down and playing hymns from time to time 🙂 My children really enjoy creating things or turning hymns from major to minor … it’s always a joy to listen to them having fun in that way.

    Bach would be another favorite … really appreciate the Goldberg Variations and Inventions.

    Lord bless you, Joanne in MO (usa)

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