Richard Rodney Bennett – Country Bumpkin Dance

Glier – Romance for Piano and Violin

I’m on piano, my friend Dave is on violin


6 thoughts on “Online Recordings: Uploaded Some Piano and Violin Music

  1. Wow! Listened to both pieces. Both are amazing. The Romance for Piano and Violin I could picture being fantastic background music for a movie scene. You are truly talented. Was thinking maybe your readers would like to know more of your thoughts on how being a musician influences your literary style. Great music!

  2. Thanks! I was up to about one in the morning, listening to the pieces and drinking brandy.

    As for the writing/music connection – it’s weird, there really isn’t a strong one. If anything, I tend to think of the novel scenes as dances in a ballet and I concentrate on the contrasts and meanings of individual scenes. Not that I’ve trained in ballet, but I’ve worked at a Ballet School.

    Thanks again.

  3. Here’s my impressions:

    The Country Bumpkin dance sounds like something someone should be playing at a wedding.

    The Romance sound like movie music from a Martin Scorcese period piece.

    Bottom line: both were entirely evocative of mood and time and location. They seemed like something i had heard before…but not (if you get what I’m saying.)

  4. I listened to the Glier, which I’m surprised to say I enjoyed, even though I thought I didn’t like piano/violin pieces (especially not the trios that sometimes grate). I would have liked the mike closer to the piano, and a bit further away from the violin, which always dominates in pieces like these anyway! Both my children are musicians – son/trombone, daughter/clarinet – and we are a classical family, with a lot of sixties, eighties and jazz thrown in, with a bit of Astor Piazzolla for seasoning.
    I have written a blog about how I weave music into fiction. I wrote a novel that never saw the light of day (everyone hated it) that involved music a lot. So today, because of you, I have resurrected the blog, and put it up as part of an archive, and I’m thinking of using the best bits of the dead novel for a new one. Cannibalism… they do it with Woodies and old VW Beetles, don’t they?

    My website blog does not have a comments facility, Lawrence – but I found your comment, which means you found my blogspot. Thanks for persisting!

  5. Hi Rosanne, thanks for your comment. Sounds like you have a very musical family with a variety of tastes, and the archived blog sounds very interesting too.

    I would agree that the mike should be closer to the piano in both recordings. The violin kinds of drowns my playing out.

    With best wishes,


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