I’ve only recently begun experimenting with Picasa photo editing tools, but I’ve built up something of a simplified digital dark room on my computer hard drive.

I took these two photos today in North London’s Alexandra Palace and Park:

Alexandra Park, North London, July 2010Alexandra Palace, North London, July 2010


6 thoughts on “A Picasa Dark Room

  1. Thanks, Dustus! I’m still having some difficulty getting the shots exactly as I want them, but am mostly enjoying my new hobby.

    Have a good week.

  2. The tinge of color sitting on the tips of the dark-green trees in the picture to the right, softens the darkness. Very pretty! The picture to the left has me wondering, what’s around the bend..

  3. Thanks very much, Gerardine. I try to edit the shots as little as possible. Usually, I crop the image and add more shadow if the focus isn’t clear. Regarding the left photo, there are more trees and pathways round the bend, then the palace in the second photograph.

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