I spend hours writing most days, working on a psychological thriller.  Mostly, I enjoy the process.   No writer’s block for a month now!  But what about reading?  What keep me interested when I’m reading a particular novel?

I like psychological thrillers and autobiographies, but occasionally I’ll read books from other genres.  Here’s a list of what I look out for:

  • Atmosphere and psychological intensity
  • Simple viewpoint or First Person narrative
  • Present tense (in thrillers but not autobiographies)
  • Variation in the writing style and not too much dialogue
  • Showing rather than telling
  • A clear answer to the central story question (open endings don’t work for me)
  • Character build up
  • The effects of a crime upon the people involved rather than pages of endless procedure

My preferences have changed over the years.  At one time, I liked omniscient novels with thoughts italicised and clichés – but not anymore.


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