Visit to Cambridge June 2010 by Lawrence's Pictures

Although I’ve been based in London UK for years, I don’t really know many places in the south of England.  Before today, I’d never visited Cambridge.  A couple of friends and I travelled along the North Circular and up the M11 this morning, arriving in Cambridge shortly after eleven o’clock.

I thought it was an interesting city – some great architecture, but a bit too touristy and crowded for me.  (I prefer rural villages and quiet pubs.)  We visited a number of the university colleges, including the famous King’s College (see above photo), and enjoyed lunch in a crowded pub.

A fascinating day out.  My own degree training in music took place at Dartington College of Arts, Totnes, Devon, which is so completely different from Cambridge.  More rural and “alternative”.


5 thoughts on “Cambridge,The Great City

  1. Beautiful old buildings have such a ghostly feeling, the past seeps through. I love the pictures thank you for posting them.
    I prefer rural village too.

  2. It is a shame when you can’t visit something of interest or fascination in your OWN country without it feeling “touristy”. Nevertheless, I’m sure you found enough there to spark your own interests. Good for you.

  3. Thanks. There were some really interesting parts of the city, but many popular places in England tend to be a bit “touristy” and crowded.

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