I’ve reached the 41,000 word point in the revision of my second novel, a psychological thriller set in the north of England.  It’s taken a long time, about ten weeks, possibly more.

I often felt the previous drafts lacked a strong sense of story, resulting in sections that seemed to meander.  The present draft focuses on a more detailed forensic plot with fewer characters than before.  I’ve also relied less on clichés this time, such as endless dreams and memory flashbacks.

Early days, but I think the story is beginning to make better sense now.


2 thoughts on “The Middle Section Of My Novel

  1. Wow! That is great! I am jealous,..not really! Well yes I am! lol! I need to fix the mess I made of my first draft, then continue to edit over and over. I am happy you are so far in your writing. I am cheering you on!

  2. Thanks! I reached the 54,ooo word point in the writing, but it’s still pretty demanding, though satisfying.

    Hope your writing goes well.
    Best wishes,


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