In previous posts, I described my methods of backing up writing, music and photographs.  As I pointed out in those posts, I’m fanatical about backing up work, using a mixture of cloud storage and portable devices such as USB memory sticks and Recordable CDs. 

Here’s the original list:

I forgot to mention the excellent photo sharing site Flickr, which is free like the others.  I’ve also starting using Google’s Picasa, another free photo sharing site. 

Online storage is great, of course, but it’s still important to back up work to portable devices.  Recently, I’ve taken this a step further.  Instead of simply uploading a photo or document, I create monthly folders and rename documents so I can keep all my work. 

For instance, my portable devices contain my novel writing files, along with folders for my photographs and the classical piano pieces I recorded last year.  One of the sub folders is titled New Folder. This contains back ups of my blog posts.  New Folder 2 contains all the writing files, along with copies of my photographs, blog posts, piano pieces and additional photo files.

I also rename my writing files to avoid overwriting previous files – e.g. First Novel.doc might become First Novel Scene in Pub.doc or Email Disclosure.doc

Admittedly, I find the repetition confusing at times, but like I said earlier – I’m fanatical about backing up work.


6 thoughts on “More Online Storage Stuff: Photography, Writing and Music

  1. I’ve read your blog entries about your psychological thrillers. I’ve listed to your piano excerpts. I know that you have great artistic sensibilities. BUT you are also inordinately aware of the technology and how to put it to best use. You are to be commended. You are perhaps the most definitive example of ARTS AND SCIENCES that I have encountered in many years.

  2. Hi Lawrence,

    Just came across your blog. Thanks for mentioning I was interested to know how are you using our service? Also, did you know that you can stream your music directly from your FilesAnywhere account?


  3. Hi Dalain, I don’t think I knew that. Thanks for the info.

    I’m very music enjoying using FilesAnywhere. It’s an easy-to-use, impressive service that I would recommend to anyone. Really fantastic.

    Thanks very much for getting in touch,



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