We had a General Election the other day and the Tories won more seats than any other party, though not enough seats to secure a majority. This leaves Britain with a hung parliament and an uncertain future, along with a huge economic problem.

The weather is gloomy all round and constantly humid.

Here’s a couple of photos I took in today’s gloom.

Gloomy Weather Again: Highgate Wood May 2010Gloomy Weather Again: Highgate Wood May 2010


4 thoughts on “Gloomy Election Weather

  1. Thanks, Gerardine. I think there’s something slightly spooky about both photos, especially the first.

    As for the election, the uncertainty goes on…

  2. Nice to see your blog up and running.

    Would be even better if it was on your own domain.

    Take care and talk soon I hope.

  3. Thanks, hope to talk soon. I’m trying to transfer the contents to my own site, but there’s some problems with the debit card and stuff. Basically, I need to do four things. Register/Purchase the domain name. Pay WordPress to map the present domain. Download WordPress.org, and import the old content to the new site.

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