At the beginning of the week, I sent my first novel back to an editor, and was hoping to spend the next month or so on the second novel, a psychological thriller dealing with repressed memories and memory flashbacks. 

However…  yesterday, I switched on my computer, intending to read through chapters one to twelve, but the monitor refused to work and kept sending up the message “Out of Input Range.”  I rang round several friends to see if any of them had a spare monitor, but none had.  One friend, however, kindly let me print off some work on their system.

After various more attempts to revive the monitor, I conceded defeat and decided to concentrate on reading the print out of the chapters.  But the monitor problem continued to play on my mind as I read – how could I possibly continue to write without a functioning computer?

At some point in the evening, I became aware that the problem was not down to hardware because the monitor worked during the initial boot up but failed at the critical moment when Windows XP loads.  Attempts to reload Windows from the CD failed as well, and I couldn’t begin the computer in Safe Mode.  Highly frustrating.

In one last attempt, I rebooted for about the twentieth time, pressing down F8. Finally, I was in Safe Mode. The rest of the process went smoothly: All Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Restore. 

At about ten to midnight, I had the computer working again, thanks to System Restore.


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