As a writer who writes every day, I go to great measures to ensure my work is safe.   I’ve described some of the online storage sites I use in a previous post.  Since then, I’ve discovered some more.

All the sites listed are free at a basic level, although users pay for extra features. Seems fair enough to me.  You can also store photographs and digital music files free of charge with some of the sites.

Here’s the list:


9 thoughts on “Novel Writing: Backing Up Important Work

  1. Thank you! Now if you have any tips on remembering to follow through on doing it I’d love to hear them. There always seems to be little shiny things catching my eye before I get to . . .

  2. Hi tikiman,

    Thanks for commenting. I think USB drives are excellent, but I’m wary of CD-RW discs because I had a lot of trouble with one recently. As the old saying goes, “never again.”

    Hope you are well,


  3. Hi itslisa,

    I would make a point of using just one of the sites every day (a different one, of course) then doing a more thorough back up every week or every fortnight. Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks for the great ideas, Lawrenceez. I’m a big fan of automatic backups because I’ve had problems with USB and CDs myself. Any chance you could turn your list up above into links to the corresponding companies. It would be more convenient for some people I’d like to share your post with. Thanks.


  5. Hi Lawrence. Thanks for the reminder. I’m not very punctual when it comes to backing up work. I use USB drives too. I’m a little skeptical of using “cloud computing” methods to store info—however, that’s becoming more common.

  6. Thanks, Dustus. Yes, I can appreciate the skepticism over the use of online storage sites, which is why I also have a special USB back up system in place too. I’m absolutely fanatical about backing up – in fact, am about to take a look at the live office storage plan in a few moments.

    Hope you are well.

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