Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day.  It’s also my birthday and I feel quite honoured to have been born on such a special day.  I’m planning a small celebration in the local pub tomorrow evening.  I may well take a day off from my writing.

Wishing everyone a good and happy St Patrick’s Day for tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day

  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday. It is a special day indeed.
    My wife and I will do our traditional: corned beef and cabbage and Guinness and watch “The Commitments”.
    I hope your celebration is as festive as the day itself.

  2. I’m over a month late. Or maybe I’m 11 months early! 😉

    Happy Birthday Lawrence.

    I haven’t been to your blog in awhile. It’s good to read some of your thoughts again.

    Bummer on the computer glitch and glad you had your back-up in place.

    Hope you and yours are well,

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