I have found that I can continue working on a novel even under times of great stress or problems. For some reason, the writing process takes me out of the situation at hand and enables me to use different thinking modes.  About eleven years ago, I found that playing Beethoven sonatas on the piano from memory had a similar effect.  The playing acted as a diversion from the problem, but at the same time  took on an almost “spiritual” dimension, similar perhaps to that of prayer or meditation.   Strange, but true.  As someone who struggles a lot with organised religion, I have benefitted in many ways and on many levels from music and writing.


5 thoughts on “Creativity and Spirituality: Writing In A Storm (Figuratively Speaking)

  1. Great post. The “diversion from the problem” idea reminds me of when I cannot recall information, forget about it, and then remember when calmer or in the middle of something totally unrelated. Thanks.

  2. It does the same for me. Completly takes me away. I have read a quote somewhere about how entering this state of writing is the closest one can get to levitation. If it comes back to me, Lawrence, I’ll let you know.

  3. Thanks!! I’ve always had a keen interest in brain/mind/creativity/spirituality.

    btw – I finished the novel rewrite tonight after eleven weeks of constant reworking, polishing and pulling the various theme questions to a conclusion.

  4. From your post, it is hard to NOT consider the writer as “shaman”. Castaneda used psychotropic drugs to enter a state of communion although it is not necessary to go to THAT level in order to achieve a greater understanding. Some fifteen years ago, I was primarily writing poetry while living in Boston, Massachusetts. A good friend and myself attempted to achieve a level of “silence” from the use of words. Perhaps it was too esoteric of a notion for the “street poets” prevalent at the time. But I couldn’t but help of thinking of that concept while reading your post. May you find the “oneness” that gives you piece.

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