What’s the best way of telling a story?  Allowing it to tell itself.  Relying on instinct rather than on rules.  Enjoying it, having fun.

I come across rules fairly often…each viewpoint must start in a fresh chapter…back story must begin in a new chapter or section.  Rules are helpful to a point, but the story itself is far more important.

Tonight, I broke one of the rules I’d imposed on myself regarding viewpoint.  I’m working on a psychological thriller, revising it.  Usually, I allow only one viewpoint per chapter.  But when I reached chapter twelve  this evening, I brought in a new viewpoint.  Then, in the same chapter, I introduced another one before reverting back to the main character viewpoint in chapter thirteen. 

In doing so, I feel I’ve brought much of the background simmering tension out into the open and allowed readers to get a better picture of the events that occurred in the past. It’s also helped me to move the story along  after spending about nine days on a mere three chapters.


4 thoughts on “Novel Writing: Let The Story Tell Itself

  1. Absolutely. I think it’s always important for there to be a reason for a change in viewpoint, but there’s no reason why writers can’t use several.

  2. Rules are meant to be broken. The very first story I wrote in college freshman English (many moons ago) began with fragment sentences. The teacher chose my story to read to the class, pointing out that you can break rules if it makes the story better. Your gut feeling is usually the right way to go. 🙂

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