I met with the local novelist group on Wednesday afternoon as planned. At the end of the two hour session, I came away with a lot of notes on the first seven chapters of my first novel, a psychological thriller.

Most of the group thought the writing style was good. Many enjoyed the tension, but virtually everyone felt that I’m putting in too much information too soon and shifting time frames too often. They found it difficult to understand the plot.

So, I’ve opened up a new file on the computer, cut and pasted a couple of chapters and begun to simplify the text, away from the main story file. I’ve also decided to experiment with writing in the present tense to get a new feel for the text.


I hope to arrange to get the editing report email sent over to my account later this morning.


2 thoughts on “The Novel Structure: A Problem

  1. Hi Jenny,

    There’s some good news….I spoke to the original agent who is definitely interested in reading the novel again if I do the necessary editing work. Meanwhile, I left a message for the editor yesterday, so should hear something very soon.

    All the best with your writing,


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