I have a confession to make…  I’ve become obsessed with Web 2.0, and I would imagine that I’m not the only one.    The web 2.0 sites are great for writers and musicians, and they’re mostly free.   In particular, I like the writing and music sites that give artists the chance to present their work.   I use WordPress, Yudu and Last.fm – all fantastic sites.

Listing of Web 2.0 sites


Meanwhile, the editing report on my first novel should be available this weekend, so I’m preparing myself mentally.  I’ve already read the novel through after an extended period away from it and made pages of notes.


More from the Autobiography:

In the evenings, we played with the other children on the estate.  To the right stood a square with a line of horizontal graves behind a row of benches. We would hang around there, making up scary stories about skeletons and old men, our imaginations fuelled by the evening light and the dark slab of a building at the other end of the yard that always appeared empty.  A lawn stood in the centre surrounded by trees where dog walkers brought their dogs and an incline led up to the church with hedges both side where we could throw soil around. In the distance, the rugged outlines of the Pennines stretched along the skyline, bleak and dreary most days.

[The Estate in Lancashire]


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