There’s some news on the editing report…I should get it some time next week.  In the meantime, I’m reading through the first novel carefully, making notes on the computer.  


From the autobiography I’ve been working on.  This is an account of childhood walks in the north of England:

Most Sundays, we spent the day hiking in the country.  Often, we would hurry away in the car with the David Jacobs programme playing on the car radio.  I loved it on Sunday mornings when we were in the car and the third movement of Beethoven’s Seventh symphony – the scherzo and trio movement – burst out over the speaker, the rises and falls in the music matching the mounts and vales of the country road.  The countryside meant a lot to me – as did music. 

War memorials.  Village church clocks.  Quarries stretching out at the bottom of winding roads.  Pieces of machinery humming over the stillness as we climbed steep hills.  We walked in all weather conditions, our boots tramping in mud when it rained, our cagoules protecting us against Pennine winds.  Most Sundays, we walked about seven or eight miles, stopping for a sandwich lunch on the trail.


4 thoughts on “A Sunday Ramble

  1. Enjoying the scenery in your pieces!!

    YAY! On editing report coming through. Not sure if you’ve gotten it yet, but I’d imagine sleep will be difficult until you do.


  2. Hi Carol, thanks very much for your positive comments. As you’ve probably guessed, I really enjoy scene setting and creating atmosphere.

    Concerning the edit….at the moment, I’m suprisingly calm about it. Basically, the editor will email the third party connection at the beginning of next week with her comments. The only comment she’s made so far, apparently, is that a lot of the action takes place in the past through recollections. I sort of gathered this and so need to find different ways of putting the same point across. I may well read the novel through this evening and take some more notes.

    Thanks again for your comments.

    Bests wishes,


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