The wait for the editor’s report goes on… It’s slightly complicated in that a third party arranged the report on my behalf, but pretty frustrating all the same.  In the meantime, I can’t really face working on the other novel until I know exactly what’s happening with the editing report, so I’ve been concentrating on writing about my student days at Dartington College of Arts, Totnes, Devon, where I once studied piano and composition.


5 thoughts on “An Ongoing Wait

  1. I hope the wait isn’t much longer…and in the meantime that writing of the college days opens even more to write about.

    Cheers and good luck!

  2. Thanks, Carol.

    The wait is pretty unbearable at times, but I’m getting a great deal of benefit by writing about my college days and its probably good to deal with that subject now. I’ve reached the “fundie/pente” section of the story.

  3. Sorry you are still awaiting the report. Its like waiting for my legacy from Nat which still seems like a dream and will most likely amount to nil.

    Hope you hear something quickly.

  4. Another “wow”…on where you are in writing of the college ‘daze.’

    If you ever go public with that, I’d love to read it. *thumbsup*

    If only I had time and eyes to read what all I want to read and to write what all I think to write!! Where is my replicator to produce my clone? ha!

    Cheers and silver linings,
    ~carol welch

    PS: With some hesitancy, I share the following.
    I read a couple blog posts this morning that you may find of interest sometime, and maybe not. 😀 Plus it’s probably stuff you already know; but sometimes it’s nice to get validation. 🙂

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