I’m still waiting for the editing report on my first novel, a psychological thriller set in the English countryside.   That’s one of the things in trying to get a book published  – you end up spending ages waiting each step of the way.  For me, the waiting is the worst bit.  It feels long and drawn out, and I tend to get impatient and worry about what might happen next.  

In the meantime, without having a definite time frame to work in, I don’t think I can continue with the most recent novel (another psychological thriller set near the Dorset coast), so I’ve made extensive backup copies of the first fourteen chapters and hope to return to the story sometime next year.  I’m working on something entirely different while I wait for the editor’s report – my student days at Dartington College of Arts in Totnes, Devon, where I studied music and classical piano.  

I’m also spending a lot of time at the piano, playing works by Beethoven, Chopin, Grieg and Liszt.


6 thoughts on “A Long Wait

  1. In our high speed internet world of want it now get it now, the world of publishing seems archaic and screams to be changed. Good Luck with the long drawn out process of publishing and keep writing!

  2. I think it took almost the entire six weeks of the four to six week turnaround time for me to receive my edit. Having edited for my crit group and for students working on papers, I know it’s a time consuming process. Patience will make you a winner in the long run!

    Keep writing, though. If you’re doing nothing else but outlining and plotting, stay with it.

    Good luck!

  3. I look forward to being able to read your book. As your writing samples show, you certainly have talent. I see we have a mutual blogging buddy Doggonedmysteries – she’s fabulous! Cheers.

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