The editor’s report on my first novel will be available at the beginning of next week.  Apparently, it is common practice now in the UK for a writer to pay for an editor’s report before most agents will even consider taking on a new writer.   On a positive note, however, agents generally don’t tell writers to seek editorial help unless they think the story in question shows promise.

Meanwhile, I met with the local novelist group for my first feedback session on my current novel, a psychological thriller dealing with repressed memories and flashbacks.   The members of the group think my writing has improved substantially, especially in connection to scene setting, but feel there are fundamental problems with the plot, character interactions and overall structure.  Too many names of places and people too early on.  One member, in particular, thought I was concentrating too much on creating suspense.  

So it’s back to the basics of plot and structure.


5 thoughts on “Creative Criticism

  1. Great feedback from your group! It’s encouraging when you have support and can receive constructive criticism from those who have your best interests at heart. Keep up the great work.

  2. Yes, sounds like these are details that can be tackled quite nicely! Basics are something I am always coming back to. If they don’t work, I don’t think the rest can sit on it. All the best with it.

    Nice to ‘see’ you by the way.

  3. Thanks again, jenni.

    The photo isn’t really one of the best, but it was the only one I could get hold of. A friend caught a snap of me on his laptop and sent the results to me via an email.

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