I’m now just under 25,000 words into the new novel, a psychological thriller dealing with memory flashbacks.   At some point soon, however, I will need to go back to the first novel and resubmit to the agent.  I heard the other day that the editor is currently reading the story, meaning the editor’s report will soon be available.   I don’t know whether to be nervous or excited about it.


6 thoughts on “25,000 Words

  1. I was a little of both (excited and nervous) when I was waiting for my edit. I really was glad to have someone who didn’t know me and had no dog in the fight to give me an honest appraisal of my chapter. It really helped me to focus on my strengths and my weaknesses more clearly.

    I hope you find your edit just as constructive!


  2. Thanks Teresa. I think two of my biggest weaknesses are rambling on and constant reflection in the character’s mind.

    jennifer, the novels are each different stories with their own characters. However, at one time, I did consider taking protagonist Alan of the second novel and creating another scary story for him.

  3. Thanks, jenni. Still waiting for the editor’s eport.

    I have my first novelist group session on the third novel later today, so may post something on the outcome later in the week.

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