I’m still at it…revising the first six chapters of a draft, a psychological thriller I started earlier in the year.   Several times in the past, I’ve read that writers never find the novel writing process easy; if anything, the process gets harder over time because the writer’s standards increase.  I think that’s certainly true.  

Viewpoint, dialogue, scene setting….these seem manageable to a point.  The problem in this particular novel revolve around creating a feasible and believable plot.


4 thoughts on “Polishing and Tightening Plot

  1. Hi jenniferneri,

    No, I had very little idea of what was going on, apart from a brief outline of back story events. But I’ve since steered the story in new directions by adding a couple of different story questions and I now have a much clearer idea of what’s happening. I’m beginning to enjoy it too. In fact, I scared myself the other night as I completed a chapter set in the countryside.

  2. I hope you scared yourself in a good way!

    Do you work from a synopsis or general outline once the backstory has become clear to you or do you more or less go with the flow, deciding each chapter as you write?

  3. Hi Teresa,

    I tend to jot down potential story questions as I read, then try to figure how to introduce them in the following chapters. It’s really difficult at times, although I’m beginning to get into the story now and have found a way of introducing back story material in a different way.

    Have a good weekend,


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