Hidden Truths, a psychological thriller set in Dorset and London. 

I’m having quite a struggle.

The story so far… Dawn is a clinical psychologist who has lost her license and spent a few years in prison for manslaughter.   She has no recollections of the event and believes she killed her former boyfriend after he subjected her to a series of subtle but menacing mind games.  Dawn’s father, however, suspects his daughter might be innocent and launches his own investigation into what really happened. 

Dawn is now rebuilding her life in a secluded Dorset coastal town.  Soon after her arrival, though, she begins to think that someone is watching her.   The events that follow trigger off flashbacks of a past event in her early childhood, leading her to danger.

Read a sample:

Father’s viewpoint.

Dawn’s viewpoint.


2 thoughts on “The Plot

  1. Thanks, jenniferneri.

    I forgot to mention what the struggles were. Basically, working out all the motives (for instance, why is Dawn alone in Dorset?) and establishing exactly what happened to her three and a half years earlier when her former boyfriend died.

    I’ve pruned the first seven chapters, reducing them to three (!) and am beginning to enjoy writing in the father’s viewpoint.

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