From Hidden Truths, a psychological thriller dealing with a recent murder and flashbacks of a childhood event.  The story is told from two perspectives – father and daughter.  The following material is from the viewpoint of the father:

All nights are bad, but some worse than others.  Tonight, I can’t sleep.  I long for winter or autumn, for the damp and cold, for the rain and wind.  The summer heat is stifling, making it impossible for me to forget that other summer.  Tonight, I see not only Dawn, but her younger sister Katie as well.  Both are fair skinned with hair the colour of hay, like their mother’s, but Dawn’s hair is shorter than her sister’s.  Recently, Dawn has taken to acting like a tomboy and climbing trees.  She has cuts and grazes on both knees.

Katie likes to wear her hair down to her waist and is fiercely protective of her favourite doll.  I see the girls hurrying along the road above the coast, tasting the salty air and listening to the seagulls in the distance, the sand from their sandals scraping on the tarmac in the summer heat.  Ahead lies the sea. The tide is out, the water still and calm.  The sand is smooth, but further ahead stands a line of cliffs with treacherous side paths and drops…


3 thoughts on “A New Writing Excerpt

  1. Thanks very much. The section is from the prologue. For some reason, I found it relatively easy to write. The words just seemed to flow.

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