e-Book review of Manhunt

Manhunt, written by Jack Holbrook, is the first of a series of novellas featuring Detective Constable Alexandra Bertolissio of the Queensland Police Service. Alexandra has a number of family issues and is undervalued in her job. In Manhunt, the detective is assigned to the murder of a young woman. After a second murder, Alexandra becomes suspicious of a young man seen close to the murder site and requests a search warrant of his premises, only for her employer to accuse her of being unreasonable…

My thoughts?


Having never read an e-book before, I wasn’t sure of what to expect. However, I thought the writing was mostly excellent. In particular, Robert’s character is well-placed from the start. The author convincingly shows the reader the two sides to Robert, painting a picture of a highly complicated, potentially dangerous individual. The tension builds up steadily, leading to a frightening showdown at the end.

I would certainly recommended this novella.


Please check out Jack’s website for further details.





5 thoughts on “An e-Book Review

  1. Hi Jenni,

    Don’t know much about e-books myself, but they’re basically online books set in a formatt that resembles actual books. Normally, people read them on a hand held item called a Kindle, although I read from the screen.

    I had some problems purchasing the book because I’m based in the UK and Amazon wouldn’t accept pound sterling. At some point, I will read the sequel novella.

  2. No, it’s not just self-published books. There are a number of publishers now that deal exclusively with electronic publishing; Drollerie and Ellora’s Cave come to mind.

    The romance and erotica communities have embraced e-books, but they do exist for other genres.

  3. Yes, basically that’s the situation. Lot’s of people are excited by e-books. Many mainstream publishers buy the electronic rights in addition to the other rights. E-books are also used when a book has gone out of print.

    Some regard e-publishing as the way forward in self-publishing, but the whole thing needs careful thought. The majority of readers would prefer to hold a physical book or a device called a Kindle.

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