So far…I’ve written two novels, both psychological thrillers.  The first is with a professional editor, the second with a friend who apparently thinks the story is very exciting.

The fiction over for a while, I’ve been working on a sensitive writing project that I may eventually self-publish under a pseudonym – my memories of childhood written in dramatic narrative with careful consideration given to imagery and pace.   The project has brought to mind various legal points.   I’m based in the UK, but I would imagine that similar laws exist in the States:

  • Never quote lines of lyrics or poems without first getting permission from the publisher or copyright owner
  • Don’t write anything that harms a person’s reputation
  • If neccesary, disguise names and places
  • Do not reveal information about a minor
  • Don’t include material that incites others to commit crimes
  • Always exercise caution

2 thoughts on “Writing and Legal Matters

  1. I have wondered about that first – I assumed a publisher would guide me at that point…maybe it’s better to just avoid it all together, as you say…

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