I’m working on a new writing project at the moment as well as finishing off the second novel, a psychological thriller set in the countryside.   The new project has brought to mind three crucial writing tips that I sometimes (admittedly) ignore:

  • Don’t print out the day’s section until you’ve had a chance to read it afresh.   Typos and inconsistencies have a way of staying hidden when you’re too close to the writing.
  • Cut any superfluous information and consider merging scenes if that’s possible.
  • Always ask yourself before beginning to write a scene: what am I trying to reveal here?

4 thoughts on “Less Haste

  1. “what am I trying to reveal here?”
    Best question I can ever ask myself! Sometimes, though I do not know the answer until further down the line.

  2. I agree, especially with your first point, it’s very difficult to find typos and inconsistencies in your own work. You tend to read what you think you typed and miss the mistakes. It’s always good to get someone else to read your work, if possible.

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