I have some fuzzy memories of Spike Milligan’s cafe scenes about not liking spam (a form of processed ham), but now I seem to be getting loads of Spam messages on my blog. How annoying.  My site is about music and the creative arts, like novel writing and story telling.


7 thoughts on “SPAM!

  1. I wonder if it is the Mistylook Theme that draws spam? Our library blog uses Mistylook for our Booklove blog, and there is a lot more spam going through the comments filters on that blog than I have on my personal blog using the ChaoticSoul theme.

    Of course, I would prefer a brighter blog like Mistylook or one of the others, but ChaoticSoul seems to work best with my layout. Now I’ve got a better reason to keep it, less spam! Either that or even the spammers are ignoring me . . . oh, that is sad. 😉

  2. Fortunately, the Spam is caught before it makes its way onto the blog.

    Jenni, I think that this Spam issue could actually serve as a trigger for a future writing project. Some creative writing tutors advise against using every day scenarios (especially in novels), but I can see the value of developing the theme of frustrations in cyberspace.

  3. ….to me, finding spam is a bit like having mice. Each time I log in to the admin area of my blog, these awful spam messages are waiting.

  4. Hi – Thanks for visiting my blog – I’m returning the favor. I don’t get alot of spam on my blog usually – I believe it depends on your subject – if I happen to write about anything that has a hint of sex in it, well I get spam like you wouldn’t believe! LOL Fortunately we have control over comments. You’re a writer? I envy you the talent and dedication it takes to produce a novel – I’ll look forward to reading it! Cheers!

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