I’m reworking the second novel again, working on the assumption that a lot of the back story introduced so early on in the story should come a bit later.   In the previous edition, I told the story from three rotating viewpoints.  Whilst I still think there’s many advantages to rotating viewpoint, I’ve had to limit the information revealed through the third viewpoint character (that’s the information known only to the protagonist’s childhood friend). 

Here is a blurb style summary of the story:


Alan is a web designer, living in London and married to Lana. But when Lana disappears, abandoning their eight-year-old son, Alan’s nightmare is just beginning. Forced to move to his sister’s country cottage, he struggles to rebuild his life. But on the eve of the move, he receives an email from someone in his past. The events that follow trigger a series of flashbacks, dragging Alan deeper into the past and danger.

Alan, now aged thirty-five, witnessed a murder and escaped with unexplained injuries when he was ten, but he has no recollection of the events.

Read a sample


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